What Happened to DADA

Project Title: What Happened to Dada
The Production Company: The project will be produced by Micaso Pictures in
partnership with international development organizations and business entities

Project Objectives
The project aims to:
-Entertain and serve as a means of stress relieve to its targets, especially in
-Cameroonians which is presently going through tension.
-To create awareness on Post-Partum Depression to the general public, shading
light on the signs and symptoms.
-To sensitize medical establishments and staff (first point of contact during
pregnancy) on the adapted behaviors and attitude towards pregnant women that
could curb or lessen the situation on women.
-Sensitize and educate pregnant women and their families on the occurrence and
management of possible situations of the illness.
-Save lives and stress in families, that could occur due to ignorance.
-Advocate with duty-bearers and power holders including medical establishments,
to intensify actions that will improve the situation.

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