The Scar That Scares Me

The story of a refugee girl who is traumatized by her past. she can’t find peace with herself because her body carries the scars of her past. How can she find peace in a land of peace where she feels at ease, but no amount of comfort has been able to take away the pain-the pain of her past? How can she safe herself from herself in a land of peace.

Full Cast & Crew
Directed by Michael Asonganyi

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)  
Asonganyi Michael

Judi Beecher————-Maggie
Malin Berghagen———Dr. Anita
Sabin Qasem————–Kasandra
Ibrahim Tunc————-Daniel
Freidon Mobaraki——–Tommy
Homayoon Mobaraki—-Kindergarten Boss
Anna Höglund————Dr. Heidi
Marie Hansson———–Dr. Annika
Other cast:
Leo Nielsen————–Per
Oskar Brandell———-Nelson
Produced by
Asonganyi Michael————Assistant producer
Homayoon Mobaraki————Producer
Israel Benavides

Peter Sn

Film Editing by
Israel Benavides
Homayoon Mobaraki
Production Management
Israel Benavides————production manager
Location Management
Homayoon Mobaraki————location manager

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